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Photography by Dale Reagan

 US Photographer based in Coastal Georgia - Savannah, Tybee Island and nearby SC Low Country - HHI

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Note - Some of these articles will be moving to my Photography Blog.

Tips and Techniques for working with Digital Images

Some helpful external digital photography and Photoshop links:

  • An introduction to Image Sharpening

  • Photo printing with Adobe Photoshop - Russell Brown (from Adobe) created a quick example of  photo printing using both PC and Macintosh versions of CS3.  I suggest that you view it by setting your browser to full screen mode (F11 or, Menu->>View-->>Full Screen.)  The steps shown are for a color managed workflow (i.e. you calibrate your monitor(s) and configure Photoshop and your printer setups such that what you see on the computer screen in preview mode is what the printer will print.)

Related (digital) topic links

  • Tips for using Internet search engines.

  • Clean Digital Cameras - (link to an external site devoted to this topic) Eventually you will need this information; the process of changing lenses on DSLRs provides ample opportunities for dust to contaminate your 'low-pass filter' and/or image sensor.  After months of shooting I  noticed a 'consistent dark spot' on my images - sure enough a quick check revealed a 'blob' on the low-pass filter - cleaning was required.   A few weeks later I noticed that I seemed to be experiencing  some lens 'vignetting' - another review for 'dust spots' revealed a concentration of dust-like pixels in the corners of my images - another cleaning is in order.  Your camera manual should provide some information on 'sensor' or 'filter' cleaning - this link is for the brave folks who like to handle this themselves - otherwise you should see your camera dealer or seek an authorized repair facility for your camera.  While it is possible to 'clean images' in editing software I think everyone happier if the images don't need such tweaking.  If you only have small 'dust spots' then your photo editing software may have simple tools to assist you in removing such spots, i.e.  the  'healing brush' in Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop.

A Few Comments For Aspiring Photographers (photography as a business)

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Photography by Dale Reagan, PO Box 15336, Savannah GA 31416 | (912) 920-9299 | Savannah Map




Moon over Savannah (River)   |  Spring in Bonaventure Cemetery  |   Savannah River Dawn    
USA-Georgia-Savannah-Night view of the Savannah riverfront including city hall and River Street shops. USA-Georgia-Savannah-Spring Azaleas-Bonaventure Cemetery. USA-Georgia-Savannah-Container ship on the Savannah River at dawn.

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Tybee Island Surfing as Hurrican Irene Passes the Georgia coast - 8-26-2011.



Photography by Dale Reagan