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Photography by Dale Reagan

 US Photographer based in Coastal Georgia - Savannah, Tybee Island and nearby SC Low Country - HHI

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Question:  So, what are you passionate about?

Answer:  Using cameras to create images that stir the mind are where my head and heart are - it is not work, it is simply part of what I do.  Capturing the the beauty of nature, a precious moment, an important event - these are all examples of the images that I attempt to record.  The simplest photograph (even a snapshot) is enough to stir our memories and send all of us back to some special moment or location, some significant event or time - I am always working to create such images.  The short answer is that I am passionate and serious about the creation of photographs - whether the photos are for a client's use or for my own use - and I always have fun!

Question: Can I use one (or more) of your images for my project, web site or publication?

Answer:  All of my images are Rights Managed and licensed for use - please contact me to arrange for an appropriate license.

Question:  Do you take portrait or wedding photos?

Answer:  Yes, I enjoy working on special event or other group projects.   I tend to have fun so be ready to smile!  If you would like to reserve a date for event photo coverage (i.e. wedding, group meeting, special gathering, vacation portrait) then a signed agreement and a deposit may be needed;   I have quite a number of questions for any location session - please use the contact form (on this page) and we can discuss your needs.  Also, you can check here for additional information on photography services that I offer.

Question:  Do you offer any photography packages or discounts?

Answer:  Yes, and yes - please rates & photo packages as well as  budget photo printing information and/or contact me to discuss your project/event.

Question: What camera gear do you use? 

Answer: In my film days I used a 35MM SLR.  I currently use:  a Fuji (one mega-pixel),  Nikon 8800 and a Nikon D200 (8 and 10 mega-pixel) cameras;   an Epson 2200 inkjet printer; and compact flash (CF, 512MB and 1GB) memory cards;  my 6GB micro-drive is now a 'spare' and I am using an 8 GB compact flash card.  While I suppose you could say that I am a Nikon photographer (at least on the digital side) I do evaluate and observe new developments with other gear - I have been very pleased with my Nikon equipment so I don't have any plans to change at this point.

Question:  Technically, how do you approach your subjects?

Answer: I typically use a tripod, I use low ISO settings, and I plan every photo-shoot based on the location, weather, time of day, and subject specific requirements.  When traveling I attempt to 'learn the location' so I can plan for the best sites and times to be in those sites to get the images that I need.  I use more manual camera settings than auto-settings.   Conceptually, most pictures are built (in my mind) before I even arrive at a location.  Of course, there are exceptions to the above - spontaneous photo-shoots can occur at any time - ask anyone who survived an outing with me!  :)

Question:  How do you select your subjects? 

Answer:  For personal projects I enjoy outdoor treks so images of nature (still life scenes, scenic landscapes, wildlife and the weather) simply fit into where I spend some of my time.  I also like to attend public events where I attempt to capture the feel of the scenes that unfold.  Of course I also enjoy creating group, family, and pet portraits. 

Question:  Where are your fine art prints? 

Answer:  A commercial print can be requested for any image on this site.  Please contact me if you are interested in a custom, fine art print.  My Art prints are more expensive and the subject matter tends to include combinations of extreme ranges of lighting (i.e. the print is composed of multiple exposures and/or the print reflects significant adjustments made with an image editing package like Adobe Photoshop.)  I maintain a separate web site, Images of The Coast, to promote my art prints (custom inkjet or commercial prints.)

Question:  Why do you have so many images online? 

Answer:  None of us can be more than one place at a time...  Most of the images online are my snapshots (the web images are not ready for any sort of use beyond viewing on the web - they are not production or final images.)   For many reasons, most photographers would never share so many photos on the Internet (please note that all of my images are protected by US and international copyright laws) - I love the places that I visit and where I live so I am happy to share a sense of these places with web visitors. 

Question:  Can I link to your web site?

        Answer:  As long as you are not violating any laws or this site's TOS then that should be ok.   If needed you can use this HTML code  - send me an email or use the contact link (below) to let me know about your link.  Please note that use of my images requires a license from me or, in some cases from one of my image distributors - ask before using!

Question:  Do you need an assistant?

    Answer: Sometimes - express your interest in a professional manner and I may contact you.  After meeting you and reviewing your work I may add you to my resource list.

Question: How do I contact you?

Answer:   The best 1st contact method is to use my online contact form or send me an email (see the form.)  If your need is urgent then you can try my phone - note that I may not answer while traveling or engaged in a photo session - if I miss your call then please leave a voice message with your name, the type of event you need photography services for, a good time to call and your phone number(s.)

Mailing Address: Dale Reagan, PO Box 15336, Savannah, Ga 31416 USA | Phone: (912) 920-9299

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