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Photography by Dale Reagan

 US Photographer based in Coastal Georgia - Savannah, Tybee Island and nearby SC Low Country - HHI

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Portraits at the beach -

on Tybee Island (near Savannah), Ga, USA (or other area locations*)


I encourage prospective clients to review some of my slideshows and read a few Client Reviews before contacting me.

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Family Beach Portrait - Three Sisters - Tybee Island, Ga - Photo by Dale Reagan.

Family Beach Photography - B&W silhoette portrait -Tybee Island, Ga. - Photo by Dale Reagan. Family Portrait - young couple on Tybee Island, Ga. - Photo by Dale Reagan

Family portrait reflection on beach at Tybee Island, Ga - Photo by Dale Reagan.


Tybee Island Family Reflection Photo by Dale Reagan.


Dramatic sunset sky as seen from Tybee Island, Ga - Photo by Dale Reagan.

Georiga - Tybee Island Lighthouse & Beach (USA)
Tybee Lighthouse, Tybee Island, Georgia (Ga) USA - photograph by Dale Reagan. Tybee Island, Ga, USA - Ocean Sunrise - Picture by Dale Reagan. Tybee Island, Ga, USA - Beach Sand - ripples - Photo by Dale Reagan. Tybee Island, Ga, USA - Beach walk - Photograph  Dale Reagan. Tybee Island, Ga, USA - Pelicans at dawn - Photography by Dale Reagan.

There are many photographers in the coastal areas of Georgia and South Carolina - thank you for considering me.  Please contact me if you would like schedule a  Tybee Island beach photography session for:

I will work with you to create memorable photographs of your visit to Tybee Island and that includes wading in the ocean (weather and temperatures permitting!) as well as climbing the 178 steps to the top of the Tybee Lighthouse to create a memorable and possibly wonderfully scenic image of your visit (and successful climb!)    :)


Ready for the next Tybee Polar Bear Plunge (January 1 each year.)

2007 Tybee Island Polar Bear Plunge - photo by Dale Reagan


There are many fine photographers on Tybee Island and the surrounding area so I encourage clients to visit web sites and to chat with several area photographers before making a decision.


Tybee Island Fishing Pier

Above - Tybee Island Fishing pier shortly after sunrise.


Tybee Island Beach Notes: Summers can be quite warm on Georgia beaches -  consider scheduling your photo session for early to mid-morning or early evening.  If you have a large group it is best to select a location with adequate parking (make sure to 'feed the meter'!)  Bring adequate sun screen and liquids (especially if your group includes children.)  Lifeguards are only present on certain sections of the beach and rip currents are present so heed the warning signs.  Also, note the weather - things can change quickly and, during the warmest months,  it is common to have late afternoon showers or even storms.


BTW - I recently heard Tybee (i.e.  tie-bee) referred to as Tibby so if you see or references to Tibby Island, Georgia it should be Tybee Island, Georgia.  Also, while the city of Savannah is located on the Savannah River it does not have a beach - so any reference to Savannah Beach is really Tybee Island beach.


All portraits are created with digital cameras.  Images may be reviewed in on-line photo galleries at your convenience.  The online photo print vendor provides thumbnail and larger sized images to assist in your print selections.   Photographs can be available for review within hours of your photo session (usually 2-3 days but this can be rushed on request) and prints can usually be delivered (from the print vendor) within a few days after you make your selections and place your online order.  Print options include black and white (B&W), color and sepia toning.


Printed proof-books, PDF slide show files, Flash galleries and ready-for-web images are also available.  Other options include  using a local photo print vendor as well having custom prints made by the photographer.  Please use the contact link below if you have any questions.

Savannah, Ga - Area Map - Satellite (try the Map and Hybrid views)
Map: Tybee Island, Ga, USA

Please use the form found here to request a date and time your photo session.

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Photography by Dale Reagan, PO Box 15336, Savannah GA 31416 | (912) 920-9299 | Savannah Map




Moon over Savannah (River)   |  Spring in Bonaventure Cemetery  |   Savannah River Dawn    
USA-Georgia-Savannah-Night view of the Savannah riverfront including city hall and River Street shops. USA-Georgia-Savannah-Spring Azaleas-Bonaventure Cemetery. USA-Georgia-Savannah-Container ship on the Savannah River at dawn.

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Tybee Island Surfing as Hurrican Irene Passes the Georgia coast - 8-26-2011.