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Photography by Dale Reagan

 US Photographer based in Coastal Georgia - Savannah, Tybee Island and nearby SC Low Country - HHI

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Commercial and Advertising Photo editors, photo researchers and other photo buyers - thank you for considering using my services. 

Stock Photography Service information is located here.

Please select one of the menu links if you need to hire a photographer for a wedding or other event.

Please read this page before contacting me.  If you are image shopping based on price alone then there is a good chance that you might be better served by selecting a commodity service provider.

All images are Rights Managed with restricted licenses - request an exclusive license and you can sleep better - your client's competition won't be using the same image in their advertisements, web pages and product brochures.    Many factors affect image licensing fees -  some of them are:  image production costs, uniqueness of an image, image size for your project, circulation and distribution levels for your project, and length of use. 

**Commercial/Advertising Photo Questions and Answers

  1. Can you give me a 'ballpark' cost for creating a commercial image of XYZ?

  2. How much does it cost to license an image for commercial or advertising use?

  3. If I license your image, can I re-sell it?

  4. Will you sell 'all rights' to your images?

  5. Will you do 'work for hire'?

  6. Will you work outside of the Savannah or coastal Georgia area?

Question #1 - Can you give me a 'ballpark' cost for creating a commercial image of XYZ?

Answer #1:  The production cost (i.e. a photo session fee reflecting the time needed to actually capture your custom image, edit it and then make proof images available online) involves an hourly rate - we agree in advance on how much time will be billed to create your image.  Please note that a license fee will also be required (see below.)

Question #2 - How much does it cost to license an image for commercial or advertising use?

Answer #2:  The license fee depends on the how the image will be used.  'Rights Management' is about determining an equitable price based on how an image will be used as well as how unique the image is.  Typically, use of an image for advertising purposes will cost more than for editorial use (i.e an image used in a camera advertisement as opposed to the same image used in a book about photography.) You can arrive at a rough estimate for a license fee by simply visiting one of the stock photo web sites and pricing a similar sample image, enter the usage information and you will get an automated/estimated price. Note that license fees are in addition to image production fees.

Question #3 - If I license your image, can I re-sell it?

Answer #3:  Generally speaking, no.  Images are licensed directly for a specific use or uses. A license could include a license to re-sell the image - the cost of such a license would be somewhat higher than a license to use the image in, for instance, an ad campaign or in a textbook.

Question #4 - Will you sell 'all rights' to your images?

Answer #4:  I would consider such a request however you should note that the fee would be relatively high.  A less costly approach might be to request a license for exclusive use for five, ten or twenty years - with such a license you would not 'own' the image but you would control and have use of the image during the license period.

Question #5: Will you do 'work for hire'?

Answer #5:  Under appropriate conditions, yes - the fee would reflect an 'all rights' purchase license for each image created during a photo session in addition to production and other costs.

Question #6: Will you work outside of the Savannah or coastal Georgia area?

Answer #6:  While I am located in Savannah, Georgia (US) I will consider work outside of the regional area.  Note that  Jacksonville, Florida is a few hours south; any location along the Georgia coast is no more than 2 hours away.  Also, I am two hours from Charleston, South Carolina and about an hour from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  Please contact me to discuss your needs.

** All of my images are 'Rights Managed' -  Items to note:

  1. permission to use an image is only granted upon payment of agreed upon production and license fees

  2. any license will be specific and limited to the usage types that you may need (i.e. print, web/Internet, personal)

  3. when the image is published you have the option of providing a photo credit OR  paying an additional non-photo-credit fee.

If requesting a license quote then please be prepared to provide the following information when you call, email or use the contact form (below):

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