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Photography by Dale Reagan

 US Photographer based in Coastal Georgia - Savannah, Tybee Island and nearby SC Low Country - HHI

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Legacy Portraits - in Savannah, Ga, USA (or other area locations*)

Legacy Portraits - what is your gift about?


In my case it's about the decades of family photos that I have created and have have shared with my friends, family and children.  


How will you be remembered?

As we accumulate years and as our families expand we come to realize that our time is somewhat limited...  How will your children's children remember you or what will they know about you?   Perhaps there are a few family photos or perhaps some family videos.  Are there any thought provoking, contemplative, deep, personal portraits?  or perhaps some outrageously funny, active, provocative portraits?  Any portraits with a message for your great, great, great, ... grandchildren?


What about your legacy portrait? 

How do we create a gift for your family and friends?  Sometimes it's quite easy - we connect you with your most enjoyed work, favorite activity, favorite location, favorite friends/colleagues.   Sometimes you know exactly which photo you want - sometimes we have to dig a bit.   


After capturing several images (during one or more personal photography sessions) I will create a series of custom edits and you will select one or more of the legacy photographs for custom prints.



  1. How much time will this take?  Answer: your session begins with a phone interview - even if you already know which photo you want - I need a little time to understand what you are about.  We will schedule one or more location sessions based on our conversation, your requests, and our schedules.

  2. Will you travel to capture my portrait?  Answer: yes, as long as my schedule allows it.  I also invite you to consider scheduling a local session with a few days in Savannah or on Tybee Island, on the beautiful coast of Georgia (USA). 

  3. What is the timeline for the entire process?  Answer:  It can span hours to months depending on how long we need to complete the steps:  a) capture images, b) I create edits, c) you reviews & select images for printing, and d) custom prints are created. 

  4. Any example portraits?  Answer: just some ideas, like:  with your favorite dog(s)/cat(s), doing something you share (backyard chef?), activity photos (hiking, boating, biking), at a favorite location (mountain home, family retreat, or simply at home or at work or doing work.  You really direct this - what message, spark of an idea, impression do you want to share with viewers of your portrait?

  5. Where can I see samples of your work?  Answer: to see sample photographs please visit the slide show section on this web site or select the 'open' galleries with my on-line print vendor. 

Please use the form found here to request a date and time your photo session.

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Photography by Dale Reagan, PO Box 15336, Savannah GA 31416 | (912) 920-9299 | Savannah Map




Moon over Savannah (River)   |  Spring in Bonaventure Cemetery  |   Savannah River Dawn    
USA-Georgia-Savannah-Night view of the Savannah riverfront including city hall and River Street shops. USA-Georgia-Savannah-Spring Azaleas-Bonaventure Cemetery. USA-Georgia-Savannah-Container ship on the Savannah River at dawn.

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Tybee Island Surfing as Hurrican Irene Passes the Georgia coast - 8-26-2011.