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Digital Photography - Property Inventory Service

Are you ready for a disaster?  Do you have photographic (or other) proof of your property's condition?

Your insurance company will probably want some sort of proof when you sustain a property loss - do you have receipts as well as photos of those high-ticket or otherwise valuable items?  If you have a digital camera you can do much of this yourself - however, if you prefer I offer this service.

The service:

NOTE - having photographs of your property and valuables is not a guarantee that any loss or damage will be covered by your insurance - please check with your insurance agent for any questions concerning your coverage.

Photographing your property - Basic Steps - I would arrive at your location at the agreed upon date and time and:

  1. photograph the location (house, yard, out buildings and structures)

  2. photograph each room from multiple viewpoints

  3. photograph close-ups of significant or high-value items (that you identify)

  4. photograph any special items that you wish to have included (i.e. jewelry, fine silver ware, paintings & art works, one-of-a-kind items, instruments; in short any item that is covered by your insurance.)

  5. after the photography is completed I would embed property meta-data in the images (identifying the client and location) and then

  6. create a CD/DVD that includes the images captured during the on-site visit.

  7. The service includes a photo-property-document license which allows you to print or distribute the images to any agency assisting in the recovery of your loss or any business aiding you in storage of the images.

  8. The CD/DVD of the images can be created on site, immediately after completing the photography OR

  9. the CD/DVD can be mailed to you. 

In addition to keeping a local copy, clients or potential clients are encouraged to store their property documentation in a secure, off-site location (i.e. in your bank safety deposit box or perhaps at the home of a relative in another city or state.)

Please use the contact link (on the menu at the top or bottom of the page) to request a quote.  Include your name, phone number(s) and a good time to call and I will contact you to provide a quote. 

Photography Property Inventory Q&A

Question: How many pictures will you take? and how long will it take?

Answer: I will take as many pictures as you may have items to document - you will decide how much time will be spent on this project.  In general, a 2000 sq. ft. home (all rooms, major items, exterior) can be photographed in about 90 minutes.

Question: Will you keep copies of the images?

Answer: Usually, yes.  However, I do not offer an off-site archival service (in other words there is no guarantee that I will always have the images.)  Your best solution for long-term storage of your photo-documentation is to use an online storage service - I can offer suggestions or assist you with getting your images into such a service.

Question: Will you release the photographs to third parties?

Answer: Images of your property would only be released to a third party with your permission.  In general, I would create a new CD/DVD for you (with a duplication fee) and then you could distribute the CD/DVD as needed.  When possible I may be able to place images into a secured online location - again, this would only be done with your permission.

Question:  Can I use the images taken during the photo-document session for commercial purposes?

Answer:  In general, without a license agreement with the photographer you may not do this.  The images are protected by copyright and can only be used commercially (i.e. to sell your home) after a license has been paid for.  Also note that the intent of photo-documentation is not to sell property - the types of images created may not be the best for commercial use.  For instance, when photographing real estate the time of day and season of year should be considered (when does the property look best? in what light? etc.)

Question: Can I order prints of the images of my property?

Answer:  Yes.  You take the CD/DVD to a local print vendor and have prints made (a good budget option if you have the time.). As an option, I also offer online print ordering - printing costs, shipping and taxes require an additional payment; however, I do offer discounts if you have all images printed.

Question: What geographic areas (cities) to you offer your service in?

Answer: I am happy to travel as needed for any photographic assignment, however, for this service my target market is coastal Georgia within two hours of Savannah, Ga (Savannah to Jacksonville) and coastal South Carolina (Beaufort, Hilton Head, Sun City, Charleston.)  My fee will reflect any travel needed to complete your documentary photography request.

Question:  I have already experienced a disaster/fire/event and my property has sustained damage - can you document this?

Answer:  Yes.  There is a good chance that your insurance company will be doing this as part of their response to your claim.  If you feel the need for additional documentation then I am happy to provide a quote.  Note that if I have previously documented your property then I may be able to provide both before and after images.

Question: I need to have control over the images but I prefer to have assistance in having the images created - how can I keep the images secure and private?

Answer: There are a number of possible solutions all of which will affect the cost of the service.  Two possible solutions are: a) you provide the camera and camera media, I take the photos and you are responsible for creating your own CD/DVDs, etc.  and b) you purchase the media type that I use and when the photography is completed I hand you the media (again, you take care of creating CDs/DVDs, etc.)

Please use this contact link to request a quote.  Include your name, phone number(s) and a good time to call and I will contact you to provide a quote. 

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