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Photography by Dale Reagan

 US Photographer based in Coastal Georgia - Savannah, Tybee Island and nearby SC Low Country - HHI

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USA - Scenic Portraits
Tybee Lighthouse, Tybee Island, Georgia (Ga) USA - photograph by Dale Reagan Hoover Dam, near Boulder City, Nevada (Nv) USA - photo by Dale Reagan Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas, Nevada (NV) USA - photographer: Dale Reagan Rocky Mountain National Park - Two brothers sport fishing at Sprague Lake - Image by Dale Reagan. Estes Park, Colorado (Co) USA - Photographer: Dale Reagan.

While most of my images are available for licensing, a portion of my image collection is already available for licensing on-line - we agree on the terms, the fee, and payment is made and the image can be downloaded directly to your location for use.

Thank you for considering my services - Stock Photography involves the use of images that have already been created.  Such images are licensed for very specific uses and for specific periods of time.  The advantage to the end-user is that the images are readily available and there is no customer outlay for production costs.  Request a stock photo license quote.

Stock Photos include: scenic landscapes (mountains, oceans, forests), city landscapes (night, dawn, dusk, day time), location centric images (i.e. squares and parks in Savannah Georgia), nature (wildlife, bird life, water, oceans, streams, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, marsh, plants), events (concerts, meetings, sports, festivals), national parks and wildlife refuges, and aerial photos (window seat views approaching and departing any of the cities listed below as well as 10-30000 foot views of the USA in general.)  Commercial and Advertising Photography information is located here.

Sample Stock Photography Subject/Location List includes:

Portraits of Fort Pulaski NM, SAV, GA (USA)

Photo:  Fort Pulaski National Monument

Photo: Fort Pulaski National Monument and surrounding grounds.

Photo:  Fort Pulaski National Monument and surrounding grounds. 3-4 foot long alligator taking in a bit of sun next to the moat.

Photo:  Fort Pulaski National Monument - Living History - 48th NYVI

Fort Pulaski National Monument - Cockspur Beacon - Photograph by Dale Reagan.

Tibetan Sand Mandala - Savannah, Ga (USA)

Picture of: Tibetan Sand Mandala - Jepson Center for the Arts, Savannah, Ga. US - Photography by Dale Reagan.

Tibetan Sand Mandala - Jepson Center for the Arts, Savannah, Ga. US - Photograph by Dale Reagan.

Tibetan Sand Mandala - Jepson Center for the Arts, Savannah, Ga. US - Photo by Dale Reagan.

Tibetan Sand Mandala - Jepson Center for the Arts, Savannah, Ga. US - Image by Dale Reagan.

Tibetan Sand Mandala - Jepson Center for the Arts, Savannah, Ga. US - Photo  Dale Reagan

Sentient Bean, SAV, GA (USA)

Sentient Bean - Malcolm Holcombe

Performance Photo:  Sentient Bean - Steph Taylor

Performance Photo:  Sentient Bean - Luminescent Orchestrii

Music Performance Photo: Sentient Bean - Ken Will Morton

Coffe House Performance Photo:  Sentient Bean:  Singer-SongWriter Night - Adam Traum..

Online Stock Photo Image/Picture/Photo Galleries

** All of the images on this site are 'Rights Managed' - this means that you need two things to use the images:

  1. permission from the photographer; only granted upon payment of appropriate license fees

  2. a license that is specific for usage types that you may need (i.e. print, web/Internet, personal)

Any time that you use an image that you did not create you need to document (i.e. give credit) to the creator/owner of the image.  If you are a K-12 student and you would like to use any of my images then please have your teacher contact me (using the contact form below) for my educational terms and conditions of use.

Q&A - Stock Photo Questions and Answers

Question #1 - How much does it cost to license an image?

Answer #1:  The license fee depends on the how the image will be used.  'Rights Management' is about determining an equitable price based on how an image will be used as well as how unique the image is.  Typically, use of an image for advertising purposes will cost more than for editorial use (i.e an image used in a camera advertisement as opposed to the same image used in a book about photography.)

Question #2 - If I license your image, can I re-sell it?

Answer #2:  Generally speaking, no.  Images are licensed directly for a specific use or uses. A license could include a license to re-sell the image - the cost of such a license would be somewhat higher than a license to use the image in, for instance, an ad campaign or in a textbook.

Question #3 - Can I download a file to make prints for personal use?

Answer #3:  Select the 'order prints' link (below) - one of the possible ordering options, in addition to prints of various sizes, may include download a file which you can then use for printing as many copies as needed for personal use, only.  Such prints cannot be sold or used for any commercial or promotional purpose.  If you can't find the image that you are interested in then please use the contact form (below) and I will make the image available.   NOTE - you may not distribute files that you license for personal use, but, you can make prints or have prints made to share.  Please contact me if this is not clear. 

Question #4 - How do you arrive at prices for your prints?

 Answer #4:  Print prices reflect many things including:  uniqueness of the image, the size and type of print, the cost of creating the image (i.e. camera gear, image manipulation processing time, web site setup, office costs, transportation costs, etc.), and a need to make a profit!   I can't compete (on price) with the printing offered by the corner drug store or a large chain store, but they didn't take the picture, did they?

Question #5 - Do you offer RES or RP stock photo licensing options?

Answer #5:  Yes, Rights Exclusive Stock (RES) or Rights Protected (RP) are a licensing option that provides clients with more exclusive use of images.  This option keeps your competition from licensing the same image so you won't open a magazine, newspaper or view a web page where the same image is being used (a common and potential problem if you make use of Rights Free (RF) images.)

Question #6 - Do you offer Rights Free (RF) or Microstock stock photos?

Answer #6:  Not at this time.  If this is where your current need is then do a search for "Rights Free photo" or "Microstock photo" with your favorite search engine.  Try my search engine tips page if you need help. 

If requesting a license quote then please be prepared to provide the following information when you call, email or use the contact form (below):

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