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Photography by Dale Reagan

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Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia (Ga) USA

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Bonaventure contains patterned/planned dirt roads, abundant moss, hanging sprawling vines, seasonal flowers (azaleas in spring, cameleas in winter), wildlife (squirrels, birds, raccoons, opossums), statues, monuments, grave markers, history and more - in short a charming and beautiful place to visit.  In Victorian times Bonaventure was a place for Sunday strolls and picnics.  While there are certainly a significant number of local visitors there are an ever increasing number of tourists exploring the site.  Depending on the weather and bug conditions it remains a wonderful place to visit for a bit of quiet time or simply to enjoy the natural beauty of the South.

Three (of the many) persons resting in Bonaventure include:  Conrad Aiken (1889-1973), Johnny Mercer (1909-1976), and John Walz (1844-1922.)

The statue of Gracie Watson (photo below) has charmed both Savannah residents and visitors for years.  Several years ago, after seeing one of my photos of Gracie on the Internet, one of his relatives wrote to me: 

 "John Walz was my Great -great- great uncle.  He was educated in Europe and had a career there. Since the German-born artist had immediate family here in The United States, he moved to Philadelphia to live with his sister.  John Walz moved back to Europe to obtain a college degree.  He then moved to Savannah when my Great-great-grandfather urged him to do so.  John Walz was also the artist behind many of the statues in Bonaventure cemetery. His work can be viewed through out."  

Since this photo was taken a protective fence has been erected around this statue.  Additional photographs (during spring) in Bonaventure Cemetery are located here.

Statue of Gracie Watson by sculptor John Walz.

For more information on Bonaventure Cemetery visit the Bonaventure Historical Society web site.  Order Art Prints on-line.

Bonaventure Cemetery, located along the banks of the Wilmington River (part of the ICW) -  the Thunderbolt Bridge is just below the center of this map - use your mouse to zoom in/out or to move the map.).


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