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Photography by Dale Reagan

 US Photographer based in Coastal Georgia - Savannah, Tybee Island and nearby SC Low Country - HHI

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Galleries of Photographs/Images/Pictures from Savannah, Georgia, USA

  1. Images/Photographs/Pictures of Savannah, Georgia, USA

  2. Coastal Marsh and River Scenes (Savannah, Georgia, USA)

  3. Tara Feis in Emmet Park (Family Festival, Savannah, Georgia, USA)

  4. Irish Festival Images/Pictures/Photographs (Savannah, Georgia, USA)

  5. SCAD Sidewalk Art Festival (Savannah, Georgia, USA)

  6. Savannah Shakespeare Festival:  Othello (Savannah, Georgia, USA)

  7. Tibetan Art: Sand Mandala (Savannah, Georgia, USA)

  8. Sentient Bean coffee house in Savannah, Georgia, USA

  9. Savannah Asian Festival (Savannah, Georgia, USA)

  10. Coastal Georgia Dawn/Sunrise, Dusk/Sunset (Savannah, Georgia, USA)

  11. USCG Eagle (tall ship) during St. Patrick's Weekend (Savannah, Georgia, USA)

  12. St. Patrick's Day Parade 3/17/2009, Savannah, Georgia, USA

  13. Elope in Savannah (Any time you are ready!), Savannah, Georgia, USA

Need a Photographer for during your Savannah/Tybee Island visit?

Galleries of Photographs/Images/Pictures from Tybee Island and Fort Pulaski National Monument

  1. Winter on Tybee Island Beach (Tybee Island, Georgia, USA) [film connection: The Last Song]

  2. Tybee Island, Georgia, beach scenes (near Savannah, Georgia, USA) [film connection: The Last Song]

  3. Dawn/Sunrise on Tybee Island, Ga. (near Savannah, Georgia, USA)

  4. Tybee Island Lighthouse views, Tybee Island, Ga. (near Savannah, Georgia, USA) [film connection: The Last Song]

  5. Fort Pulaski National Monument (Savannah, Georgia, USA)

  6. St. Patrick's Day Parade 3/14/2009, Tybee Island, Georgia, USA

  7. Elope on Tybee Island (Today?), Tybee Island, Georgia, USA

** Tybee Island, Georgia, USA - GPS, Geocode, Lat/Lon: 32.01, -80.84
** Savannah, Georgia, USA - GPS, Geocode, Lat/Lon: 32.08, -81.12

USA Photo/Image/Picture Galleries

  1. 2005 Memorial Day service (Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA)

  2. North Central California Coastal Scenes, USA

  3. Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park, Colorado (USA)

  4. Las Vegas and Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA

  5. Red Rock Canyon, Willow Springs, Red Springs, Bonnie Springs, all desert areas near Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

** Dutch Harbor, Alaska, USA - GPS, Geocode, Lat/Lon: 53.87,-166.52
** Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA - GPS, Geocode, Lat/Lon: 40.37, -105.52
** Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - GPS, Geocode, Lat/Lon: 36.17, -115.14
** San Francisco, California, USA - GPS, Geocode, Lat/Lon: 37.80, -122.47
** Los Angeles, California, USA - GPS, Geocode, Lat/Lon: 36.53, -120.09

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800+ Thumbnail images (USA: California, Colorado, Georgia, Nevada)

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** - all Lat/Lon values are approximate to the general area

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